Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Unfortunately, I've still got about 4 weeks before the true fucking Year of the Rat is over (by far the worst for horses, and this has been more than a self-fulfilling prophecy), but we had a hoot anyway.

We went to a friend/colleague's place, who I went to school with. I marvel at him and here is why. He is this extraordinarily good looking southern boy who ALWAYS looks impeccable. It's like he doesn't even try, but there it is - collar straight, Sewanee manners in place, private school geometric angle to his belt buckle. And always with a kiss to the cheek with the correct contact and decorum. His one flaw is that he only dates southern women that are as impeccably dressed and polished as himself. I think it was the doom of his last relationship...her lipstick was not always drawn on perfectly. Such is life, I suppose.

I will never be a southern girl. I wore a racy designer dress that I picked up in Maine that makes me look about as large as an earthworm and occasionally flips a flattering pic of my upper thigh and doesn't require a bra, and a $300 pair of the world's most perfect hipster boots. My hair was a mastery of shining sheeth, with a sexy flip over the eyes, and for once I actually used lipliner. (Lesson learned). It definitely had the effect on the boys, but I could tell by the looks of the girls that I had neglected to respect the monochromatic satin sheeth, spend all day at a salon and wear sandals that guaranteed death from either frostbite or a topple down the stairs code. And I didn't care. If that's being a native New Orleanian girl - well, fuck it.

I had a good time anyway. But I'd be damned before I went to the bathroom to make sure my New Year's hat was straight.

It's been one of the few times I've been happy with myself in a long time. Yah 2009 - good start! (Now, if Chinese New Year would hit...).

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