Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I think therapy's kind of silly. I mean I, like a lot of people, have gone because we all have "issues" or what I like to call "realistic reactions to how shitty things can be."

I gave up on it because I would always end up liking my therapists, and so then I wanted them to think I was "cured" so we could be real friends. Like drinking buddies. But I guess they didn't see it that way, so the magic had to end.

Anyway, I was thinking that blogging is like my therapy. I mean the goals of therapy and other groups are to first identify the issue and then take steps toward resolving it. I have managed to do this with my blog. It actually resembles how I resolved my drinking problem, and it only took two steps.

First step: Identify your issue ("I have a drinking problem").

Second step: Resolve how to be aware your issue ("I realize that I have a drinking problem, and that is why I'm going to be really aware of my alcoholism as I down this Irish Car Bomb."*)

*Sometimes your own awareness can even make others aware of your issue. Congrats! That means you're done!

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