Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ham (II)

So apparently there was a misunderstanding between myself and the 46 year old, as he had written me emails I had not received and I thought he'd reacted to my "cured" comment. In reality, he had written them and contacted me today to ask if maybe I didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Well, I did. Kinda. I mean, I like our emails but three things happened recently to make me rethink the whole idea of seeing him again when he's in NOLA.

1. I have a shitload of very stressful work, and since I feel like an idiot on a good day (perfectly normal for a first-year associate infuriating people keep telling me), I know I will be working 70 hour weeks for the rest of the month. That makes me too tired to make witty conversation. Or deal with potentially romantic dinners.

2. He never really responded to the fact I pointed out that I am somewhat cynical about love. Well, somewhat being an understatement. I think it's important that he at least acknowledge we're not exactly on the same page here.


3. He joked that when we go out to dinner everyone will probably think I am his niece.

Geesh, I wonder why I'm starting to think this is all a bad idea.

Today the cashier at Rouse's, a college student with a son was really curious about quiche. She needed to know everything about it, like it was some exotic food. She fascinated me, my heart went out to her. I hope her inquisitiveness and smiles will outlast the myriad of assholes this world produces.


Nora said...

I had a cashier at Rouse's once who was really curious about my tofu. She picked it up and said, "What's this?" "It's tofu." "But what IS it?" And so we went on, with me explaining what tofu is, how to use it, that yes it's good (that's why I was buying 3 packages of it), but not everyone likes it, etc.

Such curiousity. I miss Nola.

That Baldy Fella said...

You mean "hey, you could be my niece" isn't one of the great chat-up lines? At least he said "niece" and not the even creepier alternative...

Rachel Tamed said...

All very good reasons why it may not even be worth it to try that one...being someone's neice was only cool in Pretty Woman.

Star Kicker said...

I think I'm in agreement. Now, just to find a way to tactfully get out of dinner without approaching the wrinkle factor.

Elephant. In. Room.

shep said...

It could have been worse, I suppose. He could have said "hey, you could be my sister."

Irish Gumbo said...

"...romantically cured like a Christmas ham." One of the best lines I have read on the Internet ever!

Dry cured or wet cured?
Salt or sugar?

Ham is one of my favorite things to eat! (sorry, the devil made me say that.)

Why is it that I cannot think of New Orleans w/o thinking of food? Ah, its all good, yummmm..

Not an expert on it, but I think your intuition is on to something here. Trust your gut. Even if he was thinking the niece thing, he shouldn't have said it before even having gone out together. That's my two centimes.

Hey, thank you so much for dropping in on me at Irish Gumbo, and thanks a bunch for the follow! You honor me, m'lady! Always nice to have some good company.

And try not to work so hard, take some time and breathe, too.