Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dictator (II)

For Ann (and all of my other faithful readers) I have included below a video which will allow you to choose WHICH dictator I will make your child into when you procreate and send me baby pictures. For the aesthetically-tempered among you (like myself), you even get to pick how sexy they are.

For the true dictators, I'd personally go for Islam Karimov. Hot.

For the dictators they just kind of threw in there, why ol' Vladimir Putin. I would have sex with that guy on top of Georgia any day of the week. He may have me poisoned with radiation later - but hey, I had sex with Putin so all my life's goals are accomplished anyway.

Sadly, no women dictators made it on the list this year. Therefore, should any of you have female children, I will allow you to choose from among women who take their dogs back to the pound.

1 comment:

Some Girl said...

I'm going with Pol Pot, by virtue of his awesomely child-like name.