Monday, August 4, 2008


So, I'm leaving tomorrow for my post-bar trip through ye olde Indochina - Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. New Orleans was just not hot and corrupt enough for me.

This is the first adventure I've taken by myself in a long time besides a quick jaunt to London over New Year's to see some friends. But it doesn't count unless you're really going it alone, as in knowing no one. I like this. It gives you a reason to wear electric blue halter top sundresses with flip flops, and never wear a watch so you can see if people understand you when you attempt to ask them what time it is in their own language.** Not that you understand the answer, mind you. I'm sure people have said "fuck off flip-flop girl" a few times to me. But I smile and say thanks.

Just representin' America.

I'm excited.

**It's actually more fun to ask for a light -- I wish I hadn't started caring about my lungs.