Friday, January 2, 2009


It may be pathetic. But I am following my own blog. Maybe then people will feel sorry for me and follow too.

Yeah, this is a good way to find out who REALLY matters.


Nora said...

You know I follow this blog, just via RSS. I don't have a blogger account, and since I already have 3-4 blogs (not counting Facebook), I really don't need another. . . But I follow!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin! Heh! heh! Reading through a few of your posts, at least you're comical! ha! Big Easy, eh? Been years, since I was there, 1983? Ha! While I was there most people swore I must be some kind of wild cajun, with my similar accent! Enjoy yourself at Yooper's trails!

Thanks, yooper

Startickler said...

Not good enough Nora. You will never be a true follower until your icon appears next to the other three - one of whom is myself, and another being a friend I guilt-tripped into following.

Some Girl said...

What is following? I use Bloglines to read it, and sometimes click on the link to go to your site if I want to make a comment. So... I follow in spirit?