Thursday, January 22, 2009


I already anticipate the delights that the elevator in my building yields that will find themselves dancing across this medium. Except for the not-so-delight when on a very high floor, as I stepped into the elevator alone, it lurched, began to fall, screeched and then a Man's voice said calmly and mechanically : "Do not worry. Only experiencing technical difficulties."

But the funny thing was I didn't care. I mean did I want to go plunging into the abyss? No, not really. But would I have any control over that happening? Nope. So, you know, it'll be over soon. (This is always highly effective on airplanes as well).

Anyway, I recently thought it might be fun to branch out from the narcissism a bit and just do some observations of the really extraordinarily fun things that can happen on elevators (besides the obvious, you pervs. I mean every knows there's security cameras in there these days ... unless you're into that by all means, just make sure you don't offend the person watching it - you might want to get them to sign a waiver. And yes that does kind of take away from the spontenity and verboten bit of it, but really you're holding the rest of us up anyway.)

Ok, so the rest of this month will be devoted to elevators.


Anna Russell said...

Now there's an original subject! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anna xxx

P.S - I put your interview questions on the comments of my blog post about it because you don't have email enabled.

figment said...

in that case, you really must check out this story....

man in nyc was trapped in an elevator by himself for 41 hours.

you can watch the actual security vid of him in the elevator (speedy gonzalez style) here:

and a gross spoof of the vid here:

Jesus Quintana said...

Jump up and down - there's a 50% chance you'll be in the air when the elevator crashes*

* Not professional advice

Rachel Tamed said...

I suggest that you find the tallest building around, board the elevator, hit the button for the top floor, and squat down immediately. Once you reach the top, stand up really fast. It is a bonus if other people are wondering what you are doing.

Sort of a juvenile way to achieve a head-rush, but it is something fun to to in an elevator (with pants on) :)