Sunday, March 2, 2008

Serial Killers

So, my temporary lapse into insanity, relapsed. Therefore, for everybody's entertainment I think it is time to write the entry on those strange dating moments where a certain ambiguity arises. That ambiguity being:

Is this guy a fantastic whimsical whirl of romance - or is he just a serial killer?

It's an easy trap to fall into I think. There's something charming about someone who has an extremely neat apartment and an affinity for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that extends to their sketchbook. And actually gives you the sketchbook to look at.

Yes, there's something strangely attractive about people who have chalkboards in their kitchen labelled "Things to Acquire" with pieces of furniture, various produce items, and good books on it. And a complete drum set with Book 5 of the "Teach Yourself to Drum" series open on the music stand. And about six guitars.

Yeah, I need to get over this nonsense, and consider myself rescued from a narrow tango with potential homicide. And stop trying to come up with witty retorts to his texts. I need my wit for real things, after all.

On another note, I finally bucked it up and tried to get what is so great about Gray's Anatomy - unsuccessfully. I think a really great episode is where they all get into a mass accident, have to operate on each other and make very bad mistakes resulting in long, slow and miserable deaths. Oh yeah, and they're mute - so instead of all the angst we can just enjoy the soundtrack.

Back to pretentious foreign cinema.


figment said...

thank you! i was beginning to feel alone in a world of zombified grey's anatomy followers. even some of my friends whose opinions i can usually rely on actually like it. meanwhile, i think it horrible with a capital CRAP. bad writing under the beard of dripping melodrama. but that's just me.

and now, a confession that'll either dispute your serial killer theory or convince you i'm one too: i have this notebook that i carry around w/ me, and it has different sections like: "to read" "to watch" "to hear" "to investigate" and so on. somewhere in there is a section entitled "to possess" (or things i want to buy). it includes both attainable things (ex. external hard drive) and otherwise (stella mccartney bag). and i for one have never killed anyone, nor have i wanted to (except for you know who). based on the list alone i think you're safe. unless somewhere on there you see something like: "braaaiiins!"

Startickler said...
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Startickler said...

The truly sad thing is if he had chalked my name up on that list I would have been his forever. Probably in his freezer but I would've thought it was romantic.

Annie said...

Hi Sis.

I am im die Haus.

Startickler said...

Das ist gut - I am im die WC! (une nein speaking zee deutsche).