Saturday, March 8, 2008


A business my father spent twenty years of his life building into a multi-million dollar company literally went up in flames yesterday.

My father has recently moved on - largely because like me, he doesn't like having people tell him what to do when he can do it better. And we share the same disdain for indolent and useless rich families siphoning profits of the backs of the people who make them. Mercedes or workers' retirement plans? I'm starting to wonder if this might be arson. German cars raid corporate funds. Luckily, an investigation is underway - so we'll see.

It even made the Houston Chronicle. And the New York Times. Such strange advertisements.

But still, such an eerie feeling to see a place I've known since a girl of 7 exploding on the evening news and taking with it 2 firefighters. Everytime I go home there seems to be figurative conflagrations all around. I suppose for once I should be grateful that one is occasionally literal.

RIP to so so much.


steetoa said...

OMG, that is awful! Those poor firefighters. I am sorry that happened. I'm also curious to hear what turns up in their investigation.

Startickler said...

Yeah, me too. I got a little choked up over the 19-year-old. The world needs more North Carolina hotties, I'm always sad to see one go ...