Sunday, March 30, 2008


I went to a friend's party last night and got to know some new folks. But I think my favorite acquaintance was a therapist who coordinates anger management and parenting course for convicted domestic violence abusers. She was really interesting, and responded to my somewhat insistent question very well.

But the best part I like about that coversation was when she explained that she approaches the group as trying to give people who only a have a few tools in their toolbox the chance to realize that they can add to the tools and then are able to accomplish better and more beneficial things, like healthy relationships.

I really liked that until I started to think about the tools. "Don't a lot of people use tools as weapons?"

"That's why I hold off on the power saw for awhile."

I love people who know how to laugh. Therapists laugh a lot. I want to be a therapist and laugh too.

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