Sunday, April 6, 2008


Recently, (well today), I decided that I need to get married.

I'm actually a pretty happy well-adjusted single girl. I'm getting into grooming and yoga. I have intense friendships with passionate and beautiful people. I've been around and done some wonderful things. I am about to graduate, with a good job, a place I love, and two wonderful dogs.

I know it's probably wrong to think this way, but marriage is sort of the glaring empty box on my checklist. Besides hiking through South America, wrestling an alligator and winning, and getting over my phobia of crowded dance clubs.

The problem is I've passed the point where I love to do things by myself. Okay, there are still some things (eating garlicky middle eastern food, working out to bellydancing videos, and shaving my legs). But sometimes I see a sunrise, a star, or a fat person doing a bellyflop, and I turn around and there's no one there. Or maybe there is, but not someone I get to have sex with.

Or to spend Sunday nights with. I'd buy a groom to spend Sunday nights with.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, you don't need a husband to spend moments with. Believe me, it's overrated ;)