Saturday, April 26, 2008


Here are things I can tell you right here and now:

1. The soil in North Carolina is red because it's high in iron. Occasionally a toddler with anemia can be found eating it.

2. People like to be listened to and not to listen. People do not even listen to their own hearts, brains, or souls.

3. Dogs don't mind when you run out of dog food and make them brown rice and tapioca pudding for dinner instead.

4. Owning golashes makes life a whole lot easier in New Orleans when it rains.

5. Rainy days suck for your gay neighbor heading off to a white party.

Things I cannot tell you, but need to be able to very soon:

1. What the rules for Securities Regulation are.

2. What the rules for Secured Transactions are.

My head boxy. And completely checked out.

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