Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know I probably have a dirty mind (my reason for liking soap), but who wouldn't take a second more probing look into this craigslist advertisement?

Queen Size Bed-Mattresses, Headboard, and Frame - $300 (Gentilly)

Reply to: sale-661649881@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-04-29, 9:55PM CDT

Queen Size pillowtop mattress set with frames and nice wooden headboard. I can send pics if you want or you can come see and try it out.


figment said...

this girl's unknowingly (?) asking for craigslist's creepiest to crawl out of the woodwork and test out her springs.... (as visions of Delicatessen dance in my head)

on a slightly different (?) note, i came across this ad today while searching for a random assortment of items:

Lovely Table and Elegant Chairs **Free Sausage** - $600 (Logan Square)

Large glass-topped table and 6 comfy chairs--the chairs alone are worth the price of admission. Free bratwurst with purchase!!!

assorted as my search was, sausage wasn't on the list. but -wow- what a temptation!

Startickler said...

Do you think "sausage" was some sort of code for underground furniture swingers?