Monday, April 28, 2008


If you ever become, like me, a raging insomniac, there is really only one answer. And that, my friends is that darling little oblong Ambien tablet.*

Sure you sleep walk and binge on wierd stuff like chocolate cake and sauerkraut while writing blog entries and e-mails full of unexplainable grammatical and spelling errors. Or you decide to get involved in some housing project like FINALLY potting that orchid, or snaking your drain. That you leave unfinished. And wake up wondering who the hell's been in your apartment acting like the dude in "This Old House".

The best are the conversations. I have had some of my most intense, passionate, and rawly honest late night phone conversations on the stuff. I'm not sure I really remember them, but I am convinced upon waking up in the morning that they might have helped me to turn a corner and to be open to love and life again.

Which leads me to the two final beauties of Ambien. The first is right before you start getting tired, feelings of contentment, joy, and hope begin to crawl through your frame. I call this the "second glass of wine at your best friend's spring outdoor wedding" sensation. All is right, life is beautiful. And apparently it is, since people are now using it as a recreational drug.

But the second beauty is that you, Mr. or Ms. Insomiac, are going to sleep well. Like I'm about to do.

*BTW, I'm not getting any money from the makers of Ambien for my glowing recommendation, but wouldn't mind if they gave me some.


Kell said...

I second this endorsement. Whenever I take Ambien I get 8 hours of sleep on the dot and wake up insanely refreshed. Problem is it's *so* amazing that I never wind up taking it. It's the only thing I hoard because I'm afraid of running out of it and not getting another prescription.

steetoa said...

I've only taken Ambien once but it worked like a charm and was *so* well-needed.

I took it just after taking off on a 10+ hour overnight flight with a born-again Christian sitting next to me. (Background info: I am never able to sleep on flights unless I'm in business class and my seat is fully reclined.) I slept in steerage class for 8 hours straight, totally relaxed. And, right before dosing off I had what I call my "Ambien Moment": I randomly thought about going back to school for nursing. So, yes, I'd fully endorse Ambien as well. :)

Startickler said...

I love how we're all supporting big pharm. Well, not really since it's now generic and obtainable for under $20. By the same company. :)

I don't think you're supposed to use it every night anyway, but I love how Kel just fit the article's profile of an addict. Saving it for those "special occasions."

Er, maybe they've got a point. Still, the rebound insomnia's a bitch and I'm going to avoid it as long as I can.