Sunday, March 30, 2008


Many of you who've known me for awhile are aware of my secret ambition to have a goat farm and spend my days producing goat cheese, goat yogurt, goat's milk soap and creams, and probably a petting zoo somewhere in there. For the kids (no pun intended).

For a long time one of my favorite refrigerator staples has been
Redwood Hill Goat's Milk Yogurt. The stuff's pretty much as close to ambrosia as you can get, particularly their vanilla flavor sweetened with maple syrup. I always get sad when they run out in the early spring so the mommy goats can nurse the babies. It leaves a little hole in my heart which can only be filled by the thought of baby goats nursing. Ahhhh.

Get some! It's true the texture does change with the seasons and right now it has a truly delicious creamy quality that's worth exploring with your taste buds.

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steetoa said...

I, too, am a huge fan of their yogurt! Just pick up a new tub yesterday. Miam.

Ian and I have talked about getting goats if we're ever living outside a city. In Maui we stopped by the Surfing Goat Dairy ( and they were so much fun! It's run by a German couple who relocated there 4 years ago. Very yummy stuff.