Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As if I needed one more reason to hate the Kennedys ...

I've been watching the documentary "Taking on the Kennedys" about Kevin Vigilante's run against Patrick Kennedy for Rhode Island Congressman. I really wish Vigilante had won because Patrick, like the rest of his corrupt drunkard sexually assaulting lobotomizing family, is total crap. Of course he had a few extensive operations, but I think his appearance of being mentally handicapped is purely genetic.

I also wish Vigilante had won because he tried to play so fair. ("She asked me if I had ever used marijuana. I said yes. What was I going to do, lie?") Yeah, Hillary.

My ex recently told me that when we met he was intimidated because I was so Hillary Clinton-esque. This probably explains why our break-up was inevitable.

Why not Teresa Heinz Kerry - cultured, multilingual? Or Angelina Jolie - hot, UN Ambassador? Ok, I may be neither of the above, but I also don't have a butch blonde haircut and a philandering husband. And no matter how many times it behooves me to do it, I play fair.

At least he didn't say Carolyn Kennedy.


steetoa said...

Speaking of playing fair: ripping on Hillary because her husband has cheated/does cheat/may continue to cheat on her? Touche, mon amie.

Startickler said...

It's not ripping on her because her husband ... it's more the staying with him for the political leverage to feed her ambitions.

I hope I'll have the qualms to avoid this. Then again, I'm not going into politics because I play fair, but don't like people who never learned that skill properly. Spreading false rumors about people's political stances, having questionable election policies, and puffing up that your rival is invited to be your vice president not only lacks savoir faire - it's downright nasty. Ugh. I've lost so much respect for her this year. Sorry, I know you're a fan, but that's how I feel.

Too bad Ron Paul lost. Now I don't know who I'll vote for.

Startickler said...

^Irony. Well, now it is anyway.