Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I dropped by the clinic today to get my second check and the woman acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. I actually had to get on the computer and show her the six emails we exchanged because she "didn't remember anything about that."


I hate my memory sometimes. I'm not great with names, but I'm fantastic with faces. I'll remember yours, when I met it, what verbiage came out of it. I unfortunately will remember that instead of laws I'm supposed to remember, and I'll certainly remember interacting with you. I just don't get why people don't return the favor.

I think, people who "forget" are just not paying attention. Paying attention is everything. Or maybe they do it because they get a kick out of making other people feel insignificant. Either way it's not cool and people should stop doing it.

I think, anyway.


steetoa said...

See, people like that should be called out on what is either their complete stupidity or their complete disregard for another human being. "I forgot" is like saying "I'm a f-ing moron." In situations like that I like to tell myself that it's their bad karma, but that doesn't exactly get you the check. I hope you get it.

Startickler said...

Yeah, I should definitely be at a point where I can just roll my eyes and move on ... but it's danged hard with someone who's that glaringly lame.

Reviewing the six emails did produce an happy embarrassment effect. One good thing about my memory is having stuff that comes back to haunt other people. :)

steetoa said...

I love the joint email review. It's like breaking it down for her.

I wish I had as good a memory.

Startickler said...

My memory's not that good if it's something useful. Trust me.

My favorite thing I ever did was when I was in Korea and I had this obnoxious student who always put down the other students, my teaching, the class materials, etc.

I started pretending that I didn't understand him and spoke - really - sloooowly to him. It drove him up the wall, but he did chill out and actually became a nice person at the end of it all. So there.