Sunday, May 18, 2008


So, graduation went off without a hitch; meaning I didn't fall down the stairs, have anyone use a bullhorn, or tucked my graduation robe into my underwear. I did meet a couple of people that I had never met before in my life who were in my class. And that was fun, really.

But by 4pm, the overstimulation and Superior Grill frozen margaritas had kicked in, and I just wanted to be by myself for a little while. On a happy note, my father was on his best behavior and so no matchmaking was attempted.

I can't even emphasize enough how happy I am to be through with law school and here is why. I don't like to compete because it brings out my competitive side. And I don't like my competitive side. I sort of prefer my lazy reading novels by the dozens and scratching my dogs' heads side. I also don't like how in school everything may be great but there is always a looming end-all exam at the end. Although I have no doubt that actual practice will have its stresses and nightmare deadlines, it's good to be able to work on a real project that actually has some impact beyond stroking your professor's ego with the large amount of his lecture and/or policy suggestions that you can regurgitate.

So, today the fam and I decided to get the heck out of dodge for an afternoon and head down to Grand Isle. First, because I really really feel the urge to be close to saltwater on such a gorgeous day, and second, because I've been looking forward to that butterfly atrium for a long long time.

And still four more days before BarBri starts. I wonder how long I can put off the inevitable.

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Kell said...

god this must be a huge relief. congratulations, of course, erin. no more law more crazy neighbor...where will all the stories come from next?!