Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've had an interesting rebound from my law school career. I finally wrapped all of my clinic stuff up yesterday and now officially have no more reason to return to Weinmann High until graduation. And maybe not even then if my grades suck as badly as I am anticipating.

The interesting thing that I've noticed is how the sudden dirge of creativity and blogging madness has somewhat subsided now that I have absolutely nothing to do except housework, exercise, spending some much needed time with the girls, and doing really important things like planning out the perfect skin care routine so that I can continue to avoid the fact that I am turning 30 in 7 months.

Actually a comment on that (inspired by a friend's blog entry). I get told a lot that I don't look my age, which is really nice and I appreciate people pointing it out.


Since when is 29 so old?? I think I'd accept these compliments so much more readily if they weren't put in such an incredulous tone. "Wow, you must have really great eye cream!", "I can't believe you're 29, I would've pegged you for 20!!", and my favorite, "I never realized you were so old!".

Okay peeps. Wake up. 30 is not even halfway through the life cycle, so I'd really appreciate it if people, even with the best of intentions, stopped acting as if some fairy godmother has waved a magic wand over me to keep me from turning into a shriveled up old prune.

Moving on. So, I'm back to avoiding white sugar again, mainly because I treat white sugar like a person who has OCD treats cocaine. Namely, I obsess about it and end up eating like five enormous scones in one sitting. Seriously. Also, I put on like 8 pounds during exam season and there's nothing like vanity to do that. And the fact that sugar makes me feel all panicky and emotional. After four days of avoiding it, I already feel much more centered. Of course that could be the "no more law school" thing too.

Who cares? The weather in New Orleans is so amazing right now. I've had all of my windows thrown open for a week and a half. I marvel at the fact that I once really wanted to marry a Canadian and live where I would probably have to sit in front of those freaky Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps.

And then there's my bar trip. Woo-hoo.

Life. Is. Good.

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