Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've actually had a lot to blog about lately, but I've just gotten overwhelmed by the amount. I realize I have all the insane people around me to thank for (a)driving me to the point where I curse all humans and want to just live in the country with a shotgun and a barbed wire fence; or (b) making me love all humankind everywhere and start to believe in notions like world peace.

Option (a)is, of course, the norm. Option (b) usually occurs between the drink I have that makes me buzzed and the drink I have when someone brings up going to F&M's or the Kingpin. These days there's not really a drink in-between. It's a fleeting moment, but oh so precious.

For the six people who actually read this blog (I've been regretting getting site meter lately since my figures have been so scanty), you will be saddened to note that my neighbor is moving. This is actually a good thing, because I have really been starting to worry about her based on the information she volunteered in our last five minute conversation:

1. The Hispanic construction workers are still trying to get her.

2. So are the blcak construction workers who replaced the hispanics.

3. She is now on her third home security company because the others don't come right away when she calls when either the blacks or hispanics are climbing in her window.

4. She's mad at our landlord because he encouraged her to be nice to them.

5. Since he told her that, our landlord is obviously in on it too.

6. She's moving in with her granddad who is apparantly part of the New Orleans mafioso.

7. Maybe next year she'll go and work on Wall Street.

I'll miss her.

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steetoa said...

Holy shit, she's out of it. Does she still hold down a job?! Good God.