Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have no time to do as much grocery shopping (my favorite "task" - I can spend hours looking at food, and the Whole Foods employees on the supplement aisle all know my name). But it's kind of good for me because I've been able to clean out my cupboard of random foods I bought for recipes I never got around to making.

Some of my decadent creations include: Mole sauce poured over chicken, tapioca made with whatever dairy product I can find in my fridge, wheat berries with olive oil, garlic, and pepper and my new favorite - lingenberries + graham cracker crumbs.

Still, the cabinets are emptying rapidly and it just might be that time.

As for the house hunt, I'm backing off. Right now I feel more like traveling the world instead of getting a mortgage. At least until the nesting instinct resurfaces.

PS- That is not a picture of my cabinet. I would never buy a single thing in it.

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steetoa said...

I have the same sprinkles as pictured. The shame. :)

Your trip sounds super exciting! I have a few friends who've traveled to Angkor Wat and loved it. How long are you going for?