Monday, March 9, 2009


I know I'm probably setting myself up for yet more jeering from those of you who like handicapped people, but I am actually attending an event this Friday with the unfortunate title "Dancing for Dystrophy."

Unfortunate because those fuckers rejected the pretty sweet suggestion of calling the event "Rubbing it In." I just feel like that has a much more positive feel.

My only fear is that real handicapped people might actually be there clogging up the dance floor with their wheelchairs and shit so I can't bust out my hot ambulatory moves. But there's a free bar, so that should kill the pain. As long as there's not a handicapped space in front of the bar, 'cause then things are gonna get nasty.


Kurt said...

DO NOT get in a dance-off with a handicapped person,because just maybe they are epileptic and they'll kick your ass at doing "The Worm".

*sign of the cross*

Prosy said...

'rubbing it in'
b/c they're handicapped!