Thursday, March 19, 2009


In a weird fitness phase I went through a couple of years ago, I was really interested in "rebounding" - that is doing aerobics on a trampoline, not moving from boyfriend to boyfriend in quick succession. I've done the latter, and it's not good for your health.

Anyway, I purchased a "jogging trampoline" which is now gathering dust under my bed. Lately, I've really been into getting rid of stuff (like garlic roasters and other really really specifically tasked kitchen appliances), so I thought I'd sell the thing on Craigslist for, like, $20. Really quite a bargain because you can fold it to store.

(I actually plan on just having whoever buys it come and pick it up from outside of my door when I am at work and leaving the check in the mailbox because 1) I don't want any financial interaction with strangers; and 2) I don't really care if they pay for it or not as long as it's going to a home where someone wants it.)

So, I put up an ad that said something like: "Good trampoline, cheaper than a treadmill." Astoundingly, I have gotten only one bite. Here is how the email exchange has gone thus far.*

Him: Is the trampoline still available?

Me: Yes.

Him: How big is it?

Me: It's five feet across.

Him: Is it round?

Me: Yes.

Him: Can you jog in place on it.

Me: Yes. It's mostly a jogging trampoline. I used to jog on it, then I got a treadmill <-----(complete lie and why stranger will not enter home to check)

Him: But you can jump on it as well?

Me: Yes.

And that's it so far. I would think this were even more hilarious if he were fucking with me. But I sense that he is not. I bet he's going to try to bargain next, and I hope he doesn't think I devalue my beloved trampoline enough to just leave it outside in hopes that someone will get it and leave 20 bucks in my mailbox.

*Also, it should be mentioned that according to his e-mail, he is an employee of Louisiana's Department of Education. Which explains a lot.


Kurt said...

You're getting RID of a trampoline in this economy? Sheesh. That could be a perfectly good roof sometime soon. Wait...did you say it was round?

Prosy said...

Can you jog on this 'jogging trampoline?' Or is this one of those decorative trampolines I keep hearing about?

Rachel said...

Selling items on craigslist is always interesting. I read an article this morning about someone in my city who posted ads for months offering puppies. He would send people pictures of the puppies, say he was on his way over, etc. Then he would call right at the time of the appointment and say the puppy was dead.

Maybe you should tell people the trampoline ran away?