Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ass Hat (III)

The guy who's been torturing me about every little trampoline detail finally proceeded as predicted to attempt to bargain with me.

"I'll give you 15 for it," he says.

"That works for me," I say. "When would you like to pick it up?"

Not a word. I guess he thought transport was included.

Ass Hat.


Kurt said...

That trampoline will be the thing that breaks you. It's time to throw it away.

Prosy said...

Tell him it's an extra 10 for the drop off.

Anna Russell said...

Here's what to do: Get another trampoline and bounce the first one off the second one so it flies to this guys house.
There is no part of that plan that isn't perfect.

Rachel said...

Bring it over to my house (it would only be like 2 weeks to drive) and I will give you $10 (or decide that I do not really need a trampoline, and send you packing)

Mandy's Kidding said...

I think you should have an entire blogsite dedicated to Ass Hats.