Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elevators (III)

The South is notoriously good about always letting women off of the elevators first. The only people who do not seem to respect this code seem to be manual laborers from the North, but we don't get too many in my glass tower, so most of the time the fact that I will get out of the elevator that much more quickly is so satisfying.

Until I realize that the real reason is so that the men who are left behind can check out my ass.

I become increasingly convinced every social nicety includes covert evil. Or sex.


Kurt said...

You say that like it's a bad thing. Also, this theory of yours doesn't explain the Southern Tradition od Biscuits and Gravy. No way is THAT evil.

Char said...

LOL so that's the reason? damn

Gavin said...

Today I'm proud to be a man. HURRAAAAHHH FOR MEN!

shep said...

It's a nice ass?

Star Kicker said...

Sure is Shep dahling. It looks kind of like your head, but better.

Kurt, biscuits and gravy are the South's way of making sure healthcare will always be a booming business. And the healthcare business IS pure evil.