Monday, February 9, 2009


I've recently realized that my issues with children may not be so much about the kids themselves (who are strangely bearable at zoos -- probably because the ape house desensitized me).

No, my issues are more with some of the idiot parents who decide to spring offspring from their incapable loins.

For example, this stupid bitch.

You can't even take care of your first litter yet you have a publicist??? Please, someone take her ovaries away. And kick her in the stomach for good measure.


Rachel Tamed said...

I was just discussing this whacky lady with my coworkers - I really think that this doctor should be punished, because otherwsie fertility docs will keep doing crazy shit just because people can somehow come up with the cash. There is nothing about having 14 damn kids you cannot afford that is necessary or responsible.

And honestly, just thinking of that chick makes my stomach hurt. Her poor insides must be like mush after all those kids!

Anna Russell said...

And yet you need a license to own some breeds of dogs. What's the betting she'll be doing a TV interview before the afterbirth's even out?

Anna xxx

Kurt said...

Vagina: It's not a clown car.