Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I feel sort of bad because I lack the energy these days to care about anything. I'm not a particularly empathetic person on the best of days, but being constantly sick when I've got a bucketload of obligations to fulfill is just making it worse.

So when I see the yahoo article about how some "concerned parents" whose "gentle and kind kid who had been suspended 4 times for bad behavior", and decided to put a tape recorder in their kid's backpack and were just so "shocked" to hear the teacher tell the kids they were being bad and that if the kids are being mean to her she's going to be mean back, I had several entirely unkind thoughts.

1. They should send their kids to Korean schools where random knocks on the head with rulers are the order of the day. And works quite well. Definitely better than being the white girl who has to follow that act up with "in the corner" crap.

2. That is a seriously ugly couple. I probably wouldn't notice it except for the obliviousness to their child's ungifted and unspecial status, and the fact that the wife preened for her news interview by upping her bangs a couple of inches. Ugh. The newscasters also look like they've been shellacked with the most awkward fringes of backward Baptist.

3. Seriously, what is the big deal? Kids get so much worse at home from people who are related to them. And who get off scot-free. I think if kids are being bad or stupid they should be told, so they stop being bad and stupid. Otherwise, they just have to wait for parole. And we have to deal with their shit in the meantime.

I think teachers who tell kids when they've had enough should get a medal. And parents who think placing a recording device in their kid's backpack instead of actually raising them should be paddled outside the principal's office.

Just my humble opinion of course.

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steetoa said...

Amen, to that. I get so sick of parents blaming their kids' failures [which often tend to be a result of their parenting failures] on teachers.