Monday, February 25, 2008

Neighbor (new)

I met my new neighbor today. Mostly because I parked in her off-street spot since I have a lingering bug that will not go away and I did not feel like driving around the block again. But she was so incredibly nice about it - she just wrote me a note saying "Hey, when you need to get out, just tell me and I'll move my car." Then when I went to introduce myself she told me to park in her spot all I want on weekends because she's never home. Oh, I will.

She's from the coast, she adopted a Columbian son, she has great Virgin Mary paintings.

But the best part is that she is a special ed teacher. Which should be helpful in dealing with the rest of my neighbors.

For the rest, I've been taking a lot of time off from work/school etc. and still can't seem to get over this bug. I finally caved and went to my fave doctor at Student Health. Who pointed out that if I'm in bed and can't sleep, I need to get out of bed because then I'm just conditioning my body not to sleep in the bed. I actually found this incredibly helpful (and so much better than ambien which makes me cook oatmeal in the middle of the night, wake up the next morning not remembering why I cooked oatmeal and thanking God that at least I turned the burner off). So, I'm going to give it and the melatonin she recommended a shot - I really don't think I can lose much more sleep without doing something devastating. Expect lots of sleepless posts.


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