Sunday, February 17, 2008


So, unfortunately a lot of people found out about my blog. People I hardly know would come up and be like "yo, that entry you wrote about babies was soooo true," and "wow, you're a really angry person." Which sucked. Because I'm not really an angry person, I'm just expressive and I feel passionately about things, even if they're something as trivial as why white sugar is destroying Western Civilization (it is!).

Part of it's my own fault. Every once in awhile I share an entry on facebook which used to link back to my blog. I made a point to not share too too personal entries, but unfortunately, well, there you go. I also kind of figured out that I've grown up a little and no longer really crave the attention of strangers. So, this is a better medium to talk to my friends who, like me, have the inestimable gift of procrastination.

Of course, then I found out that some peeps from work got my blog address, and well, it was obvious from that point I had to make the big move. I was laughing because apparently the same thing happened over at Anyway, point being that the corporate law firm world probably does not need to know my views on anything other than my work product. I do have debts to pay.

So...welcome. I have to say I kind of like the new format and the fresh start. I didn't delete my old entries from xanga, just hid them, so maybe once I get brave and hopefully once no one can no longer detect me on a search engine I'll post some archives.

So, blogging is back. Hells yes.

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