Saturday, November 29, 2008


I have my very own special tradition during long cold soggy days in New Orleans. I ignore all phone calls and the fact there's an exterior world and lock myself in my apartment where I eat the contents of my fridge, and pretend that I don't ever need to do the dishes. Then my dogs and I give each other doleful looks across the room while I sit and ponder what to do besides eat. Usually this entails looking at a clock and thinking that 4:30pm might be a bit too early to call it a night.

I spent today working through about 8 hours of obligatory films: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Doctor Zhivago, The English Patient. I am really a shell of my former self. In the latter, when he comes back to get his lover's body from the cave all I can think about it how bad that must smell and he's lying right next to it. Gross. But then again, it was the desert, so maybe she was just drying out. Still, she looked a little too pliable when he was carrying here to the plane.

See, here's why I don't want to get involved romantically. In the end, someone has to deal with a body. Or worse, they get pregnant - but I guess that still counts.

It needs to stop raining.


figment said...

i've wanted to comment on many of your recent posts but i'm finding it hard to keep up w/ my interneting lately. the horrah! suffice it to say, many have left me chuckling out loud. this one left me laughing and relieved... that i'm not the only one who can tear through her entire fridge in a given day. it's not that hard b/c it's generally pretty empty, but then again i am really resourceful when it comes to putting food to good use...

oh, and i too have already ordered several of those soaps. they are the coolest!

steetoa said...

I love The English Patient. It's been a while since I've watched it, but it's such a relief to pop it in and bawl for a few hours.

I'm making body scrubs for gifts this year! I found this little how-to in MS:

Startickler said...

Does the Martha Stewart body scrub involve acid? I hear they make that in Iran to throw in young virgin's eyes.

I think I mostly bawled at the English Patient for not getting to see an unburned Ralph Fiennes through the whole thing. That man makes me want to breed.

Startickler said...

Even as a Nazi commander. I am really that sick.