Saturday, June 21, 2008


So, I've noticed that my readership seems to have quadrupled lately. I was feeling pretty good about this. I mean, blogging is my therapy but it should be group therapy, because the more people out there sympathizing by finding your blog readable - nay, by finding your blog pure genuis - makes one feel alot better about oneself.

Not only that, my new readers hailed from exotic places like Denmark, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom.

Finally out of curiousity I decided to check on what page they came in on which lured them into partaking of my wit and charm.

And learned all of them had performed an image search of "Mother Theresa" and ended up on my entry with her portrait and inspirational poem. And that was really all they looked at. Apparantly lately there have been a rash of people who need to know what Mother Theresa looked like and my blog seemed to be a good source.

This was slightly devastating. My blog is not about revering saints or posting inspirational poems. You will note the distinct lack of cartoon bunnies, kitten pictures, background floating hearts or a synthesizer version of "The Rose." I would like to say to all of you peeps, you really missed out on my twisted observations and dark humor.

Too bad they won't read the last sentence. Probably too busy recycling my Mother Theresa entry in a forward to their co-workers.


steetoa said...

I've noticed that besides the random searches for, say, Mother Teresa that can draw random people to a blog, Blogger must sometimes move certain blogs up the random blog queue.

For example, a few times I noticed that in a one minute period something like 25 people went to mine via "next blog" referral. Disheartening as well.

figment said...

love how that post devolved. gave me a laugh. pray tell, how'd you get all that interestingly deceptive info (blog retarded)? i love getting my delusions of grandeur crushed like a little bug.

Kell said...

and for whatever reason searching for "goats" lands people on an entry I did in 2005.