Sunday, June 15, 2008


Since beginning to study for the bar, I have literally been able to see and hear the gray hairs sprout on my head. Yes, despite my regular intake of fish oil and vitamin B complex, the silvers are sliding in.

What's interesting is how during this whole study process my hearing has become so acute that I can actually hear the particular noise they make. It's a flat "plink" like the D flat at the furthest right of the keyboard which is followed by a cacophany of sopranic sharps that would put Stravinsky to shame. And all on my head while I sit peacefully drowned in minutiae and wondering if my regurgitation skills will hold up.


Another one.


steetoa said...

Girl, that sucks. Will you go gray naturally or dye? If you were a brunette I think it'd be more obvious.

I'm waiting for the grays to hit at some point. Although, my dad is 64 and has no gray hair... I wonder if hair color might be linked through the father...

Startickler said...

Everyone goes gray early in my family. I have long ago accepted that I will be going down to hell, dye bottle in hand.

Lately I've gone with blond streaks, which helps somewhat. I miss being brunette though, and my hair has gotten much finer and thinner.

I hate getting old.