Sunday, June 8, 2008


A friend and I went to the New Orleans Museum of Art today to catch George Rodrigue's show. For those not in the local know, Rodgrigue's trademark is painting tons of things with his blue dog Tiffany in them. In fact, Tiffany figures more prominently in all his work than his own sons, one of whom graduated a year ahead of me at Tulane.

Anyway, the place was packed because he was signing autographs, there was a jazz band, and free red beans and rice. To take a break from the crowds, we snuck upstairs to the more quiet exhibits involving dogs (but not blue ones), crucifixion, and beautiful paintings of our dear hometown. In one of the rooms, I let out an enormous sneeze and the whole room turned in tandem to say "bless you."

"That was a really good one," a woman standing next to me added.

Ah, New Orleans. A place where no matter how inconspicuous you try to be, people never forget that you're there.


Kell said...

He doesn't, by chance, live in San Diego, does he? There's a house in our neighborhood decked out in his stuff with a garage studio that looks as though the owner of the house is THE painter. I'll have to take a picture for you.

Startickler said...

I seriously doubt that. And warn you that if you ever venture that hypothesis in the presence of a true Louisiana person they might bitch-slap you. Be warned.

But send the photo, I'll make it the new photo for this post!