Sunday, June 24, 2012


I did not agree
With his choice of eulogy,
Even though he was a priest
And much more experienced
In that delivery.

I did not want to be reminded
That our cousin was a sinner
While his children ran
Unknowingly around the pews
Blissful, unwavering.

I did not want to be told
That people who were good
Were, in fact, not.
Nor that life is unfair
Because we sin.

I knew the difference,
I could see it gleaming off
The sheen of his wife's
Chestnut curls
As she bowed her head and took this.

I wanted to stand up and say
Life is unfair because
We are not immortal
And to have happiness
We must allow things to change
And with that change comes loss.
This is what was right.

I wanted to say it, but then,
One of the children laughed
And that laughter
Drowned out his words
Because we all joined in.


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