Saturday, July 16, 2011


A near and dear friend of mine, whose musical taste I consider as discerning as my own, recently admitted that she has never heard Nick Cave. Happily, this rainy afternoon, as I finished catching up on Harry Potter in preparation for seeing the finale tomorrow, I got to inform her that - in fact - she had. This lovely song from Abattoir Blues.

Just in the way we will never be able to truly place ourselves in the minds and shoes of others, it is hard to imagine the soundtracks that set the background for their complicated and almost always completely irresolvable plots. I know, for me, this particular singer has been a part of mine for so long that it is hard to think of the perhaps brighter days when I did not know him. For almost 15 years now, he trickles in. And is probably somewhat responsible for my odd habit of deciding to chain smoke and look thoughtful like a heroine in a French novel while swaying like a manic cobra.

Thus, for those who need an intro, an incomplete guide for what Nick Cave song best fits your particular existential crisis - sadly often to the tune of gothic romance. I recommend accompanying this with some Marlboro Reds and your collection of so-so wines.

"Goddammit, will you never learn anything?"

"I am madly in love with you. And it scares the fuck out of me."

"If you can't trust your lover, who can you trust?"

"If only closure was as easy as having a penknife handy."

"And in the end, even my nurse can't keep me under control."

"Can we just be in love with each other without the territorial battles and boundary disputes?"

"Sadness runs in currents through generations. Also Nick Cave can admit he looks like a gay businessman dancing in a disco."

"The Kool-Aid Man is inherently evil."

"Sometimes you just need to be able to not feel a thing. And I'm pretty sure I have Seasonal Affective Disorder."

"In the end, nothing is better than a cuddle. Especially from the divine."


figment said...

and don't forget "straight to you"
the ultimate serial breakup song evah evah i daresay

gone are the days of rainbows...gone are the nights of swinging from the stars .... but i'll come running...straight to you...

nolavalentine said...

I thought about listening to them all in order, as you have set them out. But, instead, I think I may listen to them one at a time so I can actually hear them. Today, I'm starting with Henry Lee because I like PJ Harvey and the word penknife.