Saturday, February 26, 2011


While I usually have little taste for doting on the great number of celebrity encounters I've had, the one truly amazing one was with Andrew Bird at a brunch place in Chicago with a near dear friend.

Actually, "encounter" would be more accurately described as analogous to one of those safari parks where you drive through in a car and "shoot" the animals with a camera. Unfortunately, although my friend and I did our best to get some good shots in (all while pretending I was actually taking pictures of her), the result was just a bunch of blurs with various pieces of my friend's forehead. Also, one of his butt. And to add insult to injury, he did not even try to attack. Complete amateur fail as papparazzi.

No, no, Andrew Bird. Just keep talking to your pretty girlfriend and drinking that expresso. As long as you keep doing things like this, this girl will try to shrug your unintentional snub off. Well, almost completely.

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