Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This blog is over-songed as of late, but searching through old CDs for something "new" to listen to on drives about the town I stumbled across this old gem. This one goes out to my mom, who once spent hours on a long drive to Tennessee trying to teach me how to do algebra in my head. When that utterly failed, she taught me how to harmonize instead. My gift to her (and the world for that matter) is that I usually confine that lesson to the space behind the steering wheel.

"Never mind fortune.
Never mind fame.
I don't wear diamonds
I don't drink champagne
I've learned a lot that I don't want to know
Take me back to where we were so long ago.
Take me down easy,
Take me down slow,
By the side of the road."

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Sara said...

Happy to have found your blog! I was hoping you were still writing. I can always count on some kind of amusement from your ponderings. Hope you are well. My French is coming along slowly, lots of mistakes, but I can at least have a small conversation with my neighbors and the kids teachers. Take care - Sara