Monday, September 1, 2008


I am recovering in North Carolina from dengue hemorrhagic fever (more on that later) and catching snippets of the Gustav coverage, noting with some dread that the storm surge seems to be heading right for my apartment. Darn it.

The funny thing is after this trip I feel so incredibly at peace with everything (they're just things after all). I find I now have a strange new motive for watching the hyped hurricane coverage.

That is, having a pool on which on-site newsman will be the first to be knocked down by flying debris. I'm placing bets on ol' Anderson.

I'll feel bad if that really happens. But the grim amusement helps one cope.


figment said...

just back from another attempt to sub the atlantic w/ a midwest lake. failed, but twas nice escaping dodge for a day w/ the dingo. catching up on my gustav coverage now. i hope your place faired ok, but let me know if you need any of those magazine tables. i'm off to google "dengue." it doesn't sound fun, but you can add it to your stories. get yourself well!

steetoa said...

Ooooh, you got "The 'gue", as we used to call it when a former coworker picked it up in Afghanistan. I hear it's rather painful... Otherwise, good to know you (+ dogs) are safe and sound.

Startickler said...

Ain't nothing gay about the 'gue, but I am fine and so are my things. Still, magazine tables are always welcome.

Both of you blog something because I am home sick and desperate for good reading material.